For Thursday's class, please remember to:

(1) Read the handout (in PDF form) on the NCSU WSTS website that deals with literature reviews and synthesis matrices. Also, please download and print off the blank synthesis matrix template from the Unit IV page. You will find this file on the right-hand side of the page.

(2) Read the handout on the UNC Writing Center website that deals with literature reviews.

(3) Be prepared for a quiz on these readings.

Also, if you have not already read the page on the course website that details the difference between a literature review and a research paper, please do so as soon as possible. Understanding and applying this difference is crucial to success in Project IV.

Lastly, for Project IVA -- and for Project IVA ONLY -- you do not have to worry about APA formatting. There is no point in creating a title page or writing an abstract or devising an elaborate title with a running head for a 3-4 page Annotated Bibliography. Also, while this is a graded assignment, its primary purpose is to serve as an organizational tool for your benefit. Normally, annotated bibliographies are published as a part of a longer, independent work. You will have to follow APA formatting guidelines for Project IVB/the literature review however.

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