Daily Schedule

**Section 002 of this course will meet in Tompkins 110 MTRF.
Section 013 will meet in room 110 (computer lab) of the 1911 Building MTRF.

**Please note that the course calendar is subject to change. Check this electronic version, as well as the Course Announcements section, on a regular basis.

**Readings and other homework assignments will be due for the next class period after they are assigned, unless otherwise noted. For example, the first reading assigned on Tuesday, January 11th will be due on Thursday, January 13th. Always be prepared for a reading quiz.

**Bear in mind that all major projects are due on the day noted both on this calendar and on your syllabus. One letter grade will be deducted from your final grade for each day (not class period) that your project is turned in late. After 4 (four) late days,. you will automatically receive a failing grade for that project. After 7 (seven) late days, without an extension, you will not be allowed to turn in the project, resulting in an automatic failure of ENG 101. Turning in your major projects on time is essential.

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Week 1: Introduction to Rhetoric

Jan. 10                M                 -Welcome & Introduction
                                                  Course Goals & Objectives
                                                  Overview of Course Policies
                                                  Homework: Review Syllabus for Syllabus Quiz; Read pages 24-34 in NFG;
                                                                          Complete Take-Home Diagnostic due at beginning of class on Thursday (See
                                                                   Assignment Sheet)

Jan. 11                T                  -SNOW DAY - CLASS CANCELED

Jan. 13                R                 -Take-Home Diagnostic Due
                                                                Group Ice-Breakers
                                                                In-Class Diagnostic – Due at end of Class
                                                                Homework: Read pages 420-424 in NFG & Envision Plagiarism Handout (PDF)

Jan. 14                   F                 -Quiz #1 – Syllabus Quiz

                                                                   ENG 101 Basics: Being Present in Class
                                                  Email Etiquette & Plagiarism

                                                                   Introduction To Project I
                                                 Homework: Download Project I Topic Proposal sheet & read over; select topic for Project I

Week 2: Introduction to Rhetoric

Jan. 17                   M                -MLK Holiday – No Class
Jan. 18                  T                  -Project I Topic Proposal Due     
                                                                    Introduction To Rhetoric
                                                   Introduction To Audience (Intended vs. Actual)              
                                                                    Homework: Read pages 352-366 in NFG & Critical Reading Strategies Handout                                                                    (PDF); Read “Thinking Outside The Idiot Box” (PDF, 231-235) & “What’s The Matter
                                                   With Kids Today” (PDF, 236-240)

Jan. 20                 R                  -Quiz #2: Critical Reading
                                                                    Critical Reading Skills / Academic Summary
                                                   In-Class Activity: Critical Reading Handout

                                                                    Homework: Read "Rhetorical Appeals" from Envision (PDF, 31-51)
Jan. 21                F                  -Quiz #3: Logos, Pathos & Ethos                                                                     
                                                                Rhetorical Triangles & Kairos
                                                                Persuasive Strategies
                                                                In-Class: Magazine Ad Scavenger Hunt
                                                                Homework: Read Part I of They Say / I Say, pages 19-51; bring hard copy of article to class

Week 3: Introduction to Rhetoric
Jan. 24                M               -They Say/I Say: What Others Are Saying,
                                                               Summarizing & Quoting
                                                                Review: Academic Summary & Critical Reading
                                                                In-Class: Critical Reading Handout
                                                                Homework: Read pages 261-271 in NFG; bring hard copy of article to class

Jan. 25                T                  -Introductions & Conclusions & Thesis Statements, Part I
                                               Introductory Strategies
                                               Homework: Read Chapters 4 ("Yes/No/Okay, But") & 5 ("And Yet") in They Say / I Say --
                                                                  pages 55-77)

Jan. 27                R                  -Quiz #4: Intros, Conclusions, Titles & Thesis Statements
                                                They Say /I Say: Ways to Respond / Distinguishing What You Say
                                                                 Homework: Bring rough draft of Project I to class; Read pages        
                                                                 272-277 in NFG

Jan. 28                F        
              -Peer Review of Project I
                                                 Homework: Bring copies of peer review comments and rough draft to                

                                                                  class on Monday for drafting day

Week 4: Intro to Rhetoric / Humanities

Jan. 31                M                 -DRAFTING DAY
        Homework: Project I Due Tomorrow

Feb. 1                  T                  -PROJECT I DUE AT END OF CLASS

Journals Due
                                                  In-Class: Uber-Quiz #1
                                                  In-Class: Reflective Cover Letter
      Homework: Read “Disciplinary Genres” by Linton, Madigan & Johnson                                                                                       (PDF)

Feb. 3                  R                 -Quiz #: “Disciplinary Genres”
                                                  Academic Disciplines
                                                  Discourse Communities
                                                  Overview of Disciplinary Conventions

Feb. 4                  F                  -Introduction to Project II
                                                   Introduction to the Humanities – Part I (What are the Humanities?
                                                                    What do the Humanities do? What is a humanities text?)
                                                                   Homework: Read pages 43-54 in NFG (“Stay Sweet as You Are”
                                                                    & Textual Analysis)

Week 5: Humanities

Feb. 7                  M                 -Superbowl Commercial Scavenger Hunt
                                                   Review: Logos-Pathos-Ethos-Kairos
                                                   Review: Persuasive Strategies

Feb. 8                  T                  -Introduction to the Humanities – Part II (What are the major types
                                                                of writing in the Humanities? What are the major goals? What are some of the
                                                Homework: Read Sample Analysis of Movie Trailer

Feb. 10       
        R                 -Visual Rhetoric / Hybrid Texts
                                                       Rhetorical Analysis of Movie Trailer
                                                       In-Class: Sample Analysis of Trailer
                                                    Homework: MLA Reading

Feb. 11       
         F                  -MLA DAY
                                                 Formatting & Citations
                                                 Review: Plagiarism
Week 6: Humanities

Feb. 14            M                 -Formal/Academic vs. Informal, Colloquial Language
                                                            Review: Sample Analysis of Trailer

Feb. 15       
    T                  -Thesis Statements in the Humanities: Do’s & Don’ts                                                             Review: Introductions & Conclusions
                                              In-Class: Thesis Statement Activity
                                              In-Class: Introduction Free-Write

Feb. 17       
     R                 -Rough Draft of Project II Due
                                             Review: Titles
                                              In-Class: Group Activity – Analysis of Trailer
                                             Homework: Bring any revisions to conference at assigned time

Feb. 18            F                  -Individual Conferencing – No Class

Week 7: Humanities

Feb. 21            M                 -Individual Conferencing – No Class

Feb. 22       
    T                  -PEER REVIEW OF PROJECT II
                                             Homework: Bring guided peer review comments & copy of essay
                                                            to class tomorrow for drafting day

Feb. 24       
    R                  -DRAFTING DAY
                                            Homework: PROJECT II DUE TOMORROW

Feb. 25            F                  -Project II Due

                                               Journals Due
                                               In-Class: Uber-Quiz #2
                                               In-Class: Reflective Cover Letter
                                               Homework: None

Week 8: Social Sciences

Feb. 28              M                 -Introduction to the Social Sciences (What do you know? What do
                                 they look at? What kinds of texts? What are the conventions?)
      Homework: Read pages 133-142 in NFG (Lab Reports)

Mar. 1              
      T                  -Quiz # : “Lab Reports”
                                               Introduction to Project III
                                               Introduction to Lab Report Structure

Mar. 3                  R                 -Film Screening – Day 1


Mar. 4                  F                  -Project III Topic Proposal Due

           Film Screening – Day 2


Mar. 7                  M                 -Spring Break – No Class

Mar. 8                 
  T                  -Spring Break – No Class

Mar. 10       
             R                 -Spring Break – No Class

Mar. 11           
        F                 -Spring Break – No Class

Week 10: Social Sciences

Mar.14                 M                 -Film Response Essay Due
     In-Class: Discussion of Essay
                                                  Introduction to Subjective vs. Objective Language
                                                  In-Class: Objective Language Activity (INF)
                                                 Homework: Read “Unmarried With Children” (PDF, 298-304)

Mar. 15       
        T                   -Quiz # : “Unmarried With Children”
                                                In-Class: Textual Analysis
                                                Class Focus: Introduction & Research Question      

Mar. 17       
        R                   -Introduction to Active vs. Passive Voice
                                                In-Class: Passive Voice Activity (INF)
                                                Class Focus: Results
                                                Homework: Read “The Politics of Cohabitation” & “Why Marriage
                                                                Today Takes More Work” (PDF, 288-298)

Mar. 18            F                  -Quiz: “Politics” and “Marriage”
                                               In-Class: Textual Analysis
                                               Class Focus: Methods
                                               Homework: APA Style Reading

Week 11: Social Sciences

Mar. 21            M                 -Quiz: APA
                                              APA Formatting & Citation

Mar. 22       
    T                  -Class Focus: Discussion & Conclusion
                                               Review: Active vs. Passive Voice
                                               Homework: Read pages 111-115 in NFG (Abstracts)

Mar. 24       
    R                  -Rough Draft for Project III Due
                                              Introduction to Abstracts
                                              In-Class: Abstract Drafting

Mar. 25       
    F                  -Individual Conferences – No Class

Week 12: Social Sciences

Mar. 28            M                 -Individual Conferences – No Class

Mar. 29       
    T                  -Peer Review of Project III
                                             Homework: Bring guided peer review comments & copy of essay

                                                            to class tomorrow for drafting day

Mar. 31            R                 -Drafting Day
                                             Homework: Project III DUE TOMORROW

Apr. 1              F                   Project III Due

                                              Journals Due
        In-Class: Uber-Quiz #3
                In-Class: Self-Reflective Cover Letter
Week 13: Natural Sciences

Apr. 4                  M                  -Introduction to Natural Sciences (What do we know? What types
            of texts/writing? What are the goals?)
                  Overview of Projects IVA & IVB
            Homework: Read Annotated Bibliography Handout from UNC
                                                   Writing Center; Read pages 116-124 in NFG (Annotated Bibs.)

 Apr.  5          
        T                  -Quiz: Annotated Bibliographies
            Introduction to Project IVA
       Introduction to Annotated Bibliographies & Types of Annotations
             In-Class: Project IV Topic Brainstorming
                Homework: Read "Aging, Bioavailability and Overestimation of Risk from
                                                    Environmental Pollutants" (105-113) & “Realms of the Soil” (120-125) (PDF)

Apr. 7                  R                   -Quiz: “Pollutants” & “Soil"

                                                   Introduction to Database Research
                                                   In-Class: Sample Annotation Activity
                                                   Homework: Review APA

Apr. 8                  F                   -Project IV General Topic Idea DUE

                                                   APA: In-Text Citations & Works Cited
                                                   In-Class: APA Activity
                                                   Homework: Read pages 400-407 in NFG (Evaluating &
                                                   Synthesizing Sources)

Week 14: Natural Sciences

Apr. 11                    M             -In-Class: Research Day
                                                 Homework: Project IV Topic Proposal/Research Question DUE Tomorrow

Apr. 12                    T                -Project IV Topic Proposal Due @ End of Class
                                                  In-Class: Research Day
                                                  Read “Synthesis Matrix” Handout from NCSU WTC;
print off sample synthesis
                                                  matrix and bring to class; read "Literature Review" Handout from UNC WC                                                           website
Apr. 14                    R               -Quiz on Literature Review/Synthesis Matrix
                                                   Introduction to Literature Review & Synthesis Matrices
                                                   Homework: Read pages 409-419 in NFG (Quoting,
                                                   Paraphrasing, & Summarizing)

Apr. 15                    F                -Introduction to Synthesis of Sources
                                                   In-Class: Synthesis Activity I – Witness Report
                                                   Homework: Read “Greek Alcoholism” Lit Review

Week 15: Natural Sciences

Apr. 18                    M               -Project IVA-Annotated Bibliography Due
                                                   Quiz: Greek Alcoholism
                                                   In-Class: Textual Analysis
                                                   In-Class: Synthesis Activity II (INF)
                                                   Homework: Read “Green Tea” Lit Review

Apr. 19                    T                -Rough Draft (Synthesis Matrix) of Project IVB Due

                                       Quiz: Green Tea
                                                   In-Class: Analysis of Lit Review
                                                   Homework: Work on drafts over break; bring revisions to
                                                   conferences at assigned time

Apr. 21                    R               -Easter Holiday – No Class

Apr. 22                    F                -Easter Holiday – No Class

Week 16: Natural Sciences

Apr. 25                    M              -Individual Conferences – No Class

Apr. 26                    T                -Individual Conferences – No Class

Apr. 28                    R               -In-Class: Drafting Day

                                                  Homework: LITERATURE REVIEW DUE TOMORROW

Apr. 29                    F                -Last Day of Classes

        Project IVB Due
                                                   Journals Due
       In-Class: Uber-Quiz #4
            In-Class: Self-Reflective Cover Letter

May 04
              W            FINAL EXAM: 8:00-11:00 a.m.
                                         ENG 101-002 ONLY
                                         Attendance Is Mandatory.

May 11              W            FINAL EXAM: 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
                                         ENG 101-013 ONLY
                                         Attendance Is Mandatory.