Just a few things to keep in mind over the weekend:

(1) As you are working on Project II, please keep in mind that, when writing your body paragraphs, you do NOT have to fit your main ideas/points into the categories of Logos, Ethos, or Pathos. Those are just some of the many suggestions for main ideas. If you'd like to talk about music or dialogue or imagery, you are more than welcome to do so, and all of those things are not considered to be appeals to ethos, logos, pathos. We focused on them in class since they were the new topics -- most of you had probably learned about imagery and symbols and themes in your high school English classes.

(2) Remember that your thesis sentence can in fact be several thesis sentences -- it can be more than one sentence long. It also does not have to have three prongs -- it can have either more or fewer "prongs."

(3) Lastly, I am switching the order of class next week: we will have our in-class drafting day on Tuesday and we will push the Peer Review back to Thursday. This should give you a little bit more time to work on your drafts so as to have the best work possible for the peer review.

Also, remember that there is an optional extension for Project II until Monday, February 28th. You can turn your paper in on Friday if you would like to, but you do have until Monday. However, we will start with the Social Sciences unit on the 28th.

Enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend!

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