Notes on APA Bibliographic Citations - English 101: ACADEMIC WRITING & RESEARCH
When you receive your APA homework back on Thursday, please be sure to check your citations against the samples.

Frazer, E. (1987). Teenage girls reading Jackie. Media, Culture and Society, 9,
        407-425. doi: 10.1177/016344387009004003

Lee, L. (2005). Tackling technology's image problem among young girls. International
        Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 25, 119-130. doi:

Tiggemann, M. (2006). Body image concerns in young girls: The role of peers and
        media prior to adolescence. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 35, 135-145. doi:

The above entries reflect 100% correct APA formatting. Please note the following things:
(1) All of the entries above have a hanging indent. Only in CSE are the entire entries flush with the left margin.
(2) Notice that the author's first name is not given -- only their first initial. This constitutes one of the significant differences between APA and MLA.
(3) Notice that the title of the ARTICLE is not in quotes and only the first letter of the title and sub-title are capitalized. All other words -- except proper nouns -- are NOT capitalized.
(4) Notice that the title of the JOURNAL is in italics and only articles (the, a, an, and, of) are not capitalized.
(5) Notice that the volume number is in italics as well, and is NOT preceded by either "vol." or "volume number."
(6) Notice that the complete page range is given -- NOT just the starting page -- and that the page range is NOT preceded by "pp."
(7) Lastly, notice that the "doi" is preceded by the indicator "doi:" You MUST have these letters otherwise it just looks like you tacked on a random string of numbers to the end of the citation.

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