Reminders for Tuesday, March 29th 2011 - English 101: ACADEMIC WRITING & RESEARCH
Please remember that tomorrow's class will be an in-class drafting day. Aside from the journal prompt, you will have the entire duration of class to work on Project III -- which should be particularly useful for fixing sentence-level issues such as past tense, passive voice, and objective specific language. Please feel free to ask me any questions during this time, or ask me to look over something -- briefly -- for you. (As in, I can't really read over your entire Results Section, but I can look at a few instances of passive voice.)

Make sure you bring a copy of your draft with you to class!

Also--the Project III Checklist is now available on the Unit III page. Be sure to check previous course announcements for key information, and remember that we will have a Peer Review session on Thursday, March 31st. The Peer Review sheet will be posted shortly.

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