For tomorrow's class, please remember to:

(1) Bring your journals to class for
     --the open note Uber-Quiz (which you will want to hang on to in order to study for

    the final exam)
     --the journal check (I will not be checking for grammar or correctness; I will just be

    looking to see if you have
    all of the writing prompts/homework that I haven't taken up; you will receive a letter

    grade which will be a
    part of your participation grade)

(2) Have everything you need in order to turn in Project I at the end of class
    --remember to print out the checklist, fill it out, and sign the Honor Pledge at the

    --have everything from this unit gathered together -- including your annotated article,

    any rough drafts, your peer review sheets, etc.
    --have everything together in a folder (preferably with pockets) -- not a binder,


(3) Add money to your WolfPrint account if you would like to print out the final draft of your paper and/or your cover letter in class tomorrow. This option is designed to allow you one last chance to read over your paper and ask me any questions you may have.

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