For tomorrow, please read the Annotated Bibliography Handout from the UNC Writing Center as well as the information on Annotated Bibliographies in the NFG, pages 116-124. (Please note that the Daily Schedule has been updated to reflect recent changes.)

Please be prepared for a quiz on the objective information. The quiz will not cover the sample annotations in the NFG; however, you should read them as they provide examples of an assignment you are asked to write; you will find the 2nd example (not the 1st) more closely resembles the annotations you will be asked to write.

Also, please read over the assignment sheets for Projects IVA & IVB as well as the samples and the topic selection information.

Keep in mind that Projects IVA & IVB are linked -- that is, they are two individual parts of a larger project. The Annotated Bibliography is a formal write-up of the information you would have to collect in order to write the Literature Review. The research you do for the Annotated Bibliography will form the content of the Literature Review; if you take the Annotated Bibliography seriously and put a significant amount of effort into it, then the Literature Review will be much easier to write.

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