Remember that tomorrow's class will be an in-class work day. Aside from the journal prompt, you will have the duration of class to work on your synthesis matrix and/or your literature review as well as have the opportunity to ask me any questions.

Your synthesis matrix will be due at the end of class -- unless you have been granted an extension, I must have it in my hands before I walk out the door, or it will be considered late and you will lose a letter grade on Project IVB. Remember to include your research question at the top of the matrix. Also--the synthesis matrix does not have to be one page long -- it can be longer, particularly if you type it up. The more detailed your synthesis matrix is, the easier it will be to write your literature review.

Also--students in ENG 101-013: if you were unable to print out the checklist due to today's printer malfunction, please remember to bring your signed checklist to class tomorrow.

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