Reminders for Tuesday, 03/15 - English 101: ACADEMIC WRITING & RESEARCH
Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope everyone had an enjoyable week and was able to recover some energy.

If you missed today's class, please be sure to get the notes from a friend or classmate. We discussed active and passive voice and why and when to use each one, and this is a major concept for Project III -- one I will be sure to look for in your final draft.

The homework for Tuesday is as follows:
(1) Be sure to finish the in-class activity in your journal. (I will be checking this at the end of the unit; you must have all 20 sentences.) Go to this site, and under "Sentence Structure," complete Exercises #1 and #2.

(2) Find the Project III Active/Passive Voice HW assignment under the Unit III page of the course website. Complete this assignment, and be prepared to turn it in at the beginning of class tomorrow. Please type this assignment.

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