For class on Thursday, please remember to read Chapters 4 & 5 in They Say / I Say (pgs. 55-77) on Ways to Respond & Distinguishing what They Say From What You Say.

Keep the hard copy of your article for Project I on hand as well, and be sure to finish the in-class activity from Tuesday's class - the rhetorical analysis of your Project I article, which involves identifying introductory & concluding strategies as well as identifying authorial tags in your article. (You will find the .doc file on the Unit I page, titled Project I Article Analysis Questions.) The more you familiarize yourself with the conventions of academic writing, the easier it will be to adopt them in your own writing. (You're familiar enough with music that if you had to write the lyrics of a country song you'd wouldn't include things like "deuces," "shorty" or "patron," since you know them to be the conventions of R&B/rap music; you'd include things like how your heart is broken and your dog doesn't love you.)

Also, remember that you will need to have a complete rough draft of Project I for Friday's class, the guided Peer Review.

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