Reminders for Thursday, February 3rd - English 101: ACADEMIC WRITING & RESEARCH
For Thursday's class, please read the article "Introducing Students to Disciplinary Genres: The Role of the General Composition Course." This can be found on the Readings page of the course website in PDF form. There will be a quiz on this reading at the beginning of Thursday's class.

As you might be able to tell from the title, this article will introduce you to the main disciplinary genres of academic writing, and the rest of our course will look at the specific conventions of these genres. This is probably the most important article (not reading) that you will read all semester.

There will also be a formal written assignment for this reading, which you will be required to complete at home and turn in on Thursday. (You can find this assignment on the Readings page, underneath the article.) The homework can be either hand-written or typed up. Completing the homework assignment should also help you pull out the main ideas of the article, which should help you with the quiz.

NB: The article can by strangely worded at times. Don't get bogged down in the odd phrasing; instead try to focus on the main ideas/concepts. Remember: supporting details and examples are secondary to the main ideas!

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