For Thursday's class, please remember to

(1) Read pages 49-56 of the Norton Field Guide. This reading deals with textual analysis, which might serve as a refresher reading for Project II (which will ask you to analyze the specific text of your film trailer).

(2) Read over the 4 sample Rhetorical Analyses of film trailers available on the Unit II page. These 4 samples vary in the grade they received, and part of Thursday's in-class discussion will involve "grading" them. Come to class prepared to discuss which ones deserve which grade, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

(3) It would be beneficial to read over the Project II Assignment Sheet and bring any initial questions you have to class on Thursday. Keep in mind that not all of the project requirements will make sense at the moment; we will be discussing specific ideas on class during the coming weeks as well as practicing the rhetorical analysis of trailers in class.

Enjoy your Wednesday off!

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