Reminders for Thursday, 03/17 - English 101: ACADEMIC WRITING & RESEARCH
For Thursday's class, please read "The Politics of Cohabitation" and "Til Children Do Us Part" (pages 129-140) -- available in a PDF on the course website, on the Unit III page. (You do not need to read the introduction piece before the essay.) This is a change from the homework assigned in class today, as the newest edition of the book these readings are taken from does not have Stephanie Coontz's piece, "Why Marriage Today Takes More Work."

Also, for each article, write down 3 words, 2 phrases, and 1 sentence that capture the meaning of the text. You may do this in your journal and will not need to turn it in.

Remember that you can also start working on Project III, specifically the introduction, as you do not have to have done your observation in order to write this section of the lab report.

Thursday is also St. Patrick's Day -- remember to wear green!

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