For Monday's class, there is no direct homework, except to watch the Superbowl, if you have access to it. Pay particular attention to the commercials & come to class prepared to talk about your favorites!

If you would like to get ahead over the weekend, the following homework is due for Tuesday's class:

(1) Using the NCSU library's website (NOT GOOGLE!!!) please find and access the article, "Harry Potter and the Witch Hunters: A Social Context for the Attacks on Harry Potter" by Amanda Cockrell. This article is fairly short and easy to follow.

(2) Complete the accompanying homework assignment, which is available in Word Doc form on the Readings page. You may choose to type up the answers or to handwrite them, but if you choose the latter, please be sure you answer all the questions and that your handwriting is legible. This homework will be collected on Tuesday.

(3) There will be a reading quiz on the article on Tuesday. It will look fairly similar to the homework assignment, so doing one will help you with the other.

Enjoy the Superbowl weekend!

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