Just a reminder that there is no specific homework assignment or reading that will be due for Monday, February 14th. Instead, you should be working on your rough draft, which will be due on Thursday of this week, February 17th.

With regards to the rough draft, please be aware that while you do need to have a substantial draft to turn in on Thursday, it does not need to be a complete 5-7 page draft. The goal of the individual conference for this unit is not to proofread the final product, but rather to assist you with the drafting process, to give you a chance to ask questions and check on things about which you may be unsure as you are writing the draft, not afterwards.

For that reason, your rough draft should include (1) an introduction which contains all of the elements that we discussed in class; (2) a working thesis statement which previews where your argument will go at the moment; and (3) some early attempts at body paragraphs which utilize the MEAL Plan structure.

Please remember that you are not required to attend individual conferencing but if you do not show up at your scheduled time, you will be marked down as having two absences. You will also receive those two absences if you do not turn a rough draft or if your rough draft does not meet the criteria outlined above. These guidelines are designed to help you avoid procrastination and to ensure that you get started on your draft in order to have plenty of time to work on it.

Have a great weekend!

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