For Monday, the only assigned homework you have is to complete the Police Report Synthesis Activity which was started in class on Friday. You do not have to read a sample Literature Review for Monday's class.

Please remember that the final draft of the Annotated Bibliography is due at the beginning of class on Monday. Please remember to print out and attach the Project IVA Checklist, as well as sign the Honor Pledge at the bottom. Like Project III, this project is heavily-criteria based: in other words, the checklist identifies the items I will be looking for. If you have these items, your grade should be fine. If you do not have these items, your grade will reflect that. Also, please note that correct APA citation will count for a significant portion of your grade! (Check the entry below for common mistakes in APA formatting.)

Be aware that the Synthesis Matrix is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, April 19th. Completing this matrix is a complementary activity to the completion of the Annotated Bibliography.

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