Reminders for Monday, 03/21 - English 101: ACADEMIC WRITING & RESEARCH
For Monday, the homework is as follows:

(1) Complete the textual analysis of the "Politics of Cohabitation" available now on the Unit III webpage. Please type this assignment up as you will be handing it in on Monday.

(2) Read "Unmarried With Children" (pgs. 141-145) available now in PDF form on the course website. (You will have to rotate this PDF once counterclockwise in order to read it. Sorry!) Be prepared for a quiz on Monday! (Pay particular attention to where and when the text was originally published!)

(3) Remember that your rough draft will be due on Thursday, March 24th! The more complete your rough draft is, the more beneficial conferencing will be for you.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the warm weather!

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