For Monday:

--Please finish the in-class activity from Thursday's class using the text "What's The Matter With Kids Today?" You can find the list of pre-writing questions on the Unit I page. Remember: these questions are also useful if you need help getting started on your draft for Project I! You will need to have a rough draft for class next Friday (Jan. 28th)!

--Read Part I of They Say I Say -- pages 19-51, dealing with "What Others Are Saying" & "Art of Summarizing" & "Art of Quoting."

--Also, you will need to bring a hard copy of your article for Project I to class on Monday. We will be using it for an in-class assignment. (This does also mean that you should have read at least part, if not all, of it by then.)

--Watch the commercials on TV. We will continued with the ad "scavenger hunt" on Monday.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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