Reminders for Friday, April 1st - English 101: ACADEMIC WRITING & RESEARCH
Please remember that the final draft of Project III will be due at the end of class tomorrow: Friday, April 1st.

You will need to turn this draft in along with your portfolio in a 2-pocket folder (remember to include the post-it note with your name on it). This portfolio should include: your index card with your research question (amended, if need be), a copy of your observation notes, any and all pre-writing activities/rough drafts you submitted, your final draft, your peer review sheet, and your signed checklist. You will type up and include your cover letter during tomorrow's class.

Please also remember to bring your journals to class tomorrow for the open-note uber-quiz as well as for the journal check! Please be reminded that after you have completed the uber-quiz, you MUST bring both your quiz and your journal up to me. If you do not turn your journal in, I do not remind you that I need to see it. This is your responsibility!

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