Over Easter Break, please remember to set aside some time to work on Project IVB -- the literature review. For your body paragraphs, use your synthesis matrix! That is why you have it/completed it as a rough draft. If you listed your main ideas in the first box on the left-hand side and your sources/authors along the top, then the easiest thing to do is work your way horizontally across the columns.

The schedule for the week following Easter Break will be as follows:

Monday -- April 25th : Individual Conferences on the Catwalk -- Classes Canceled

Tuesday -- April 26th : Individual Conferences on the Catwalk -- Classes Canceled

Thursday -- April 28th : In-Class Drafting Day

Friday -- April 29th : Last day of classes; Project IVB Due
                                In-class: Cover letter, Uber-Quiz #4, & Journal Check

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I should have access to email throughout the weekend.
Have a fantastic break!

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