A few additional notes regarding Project IVB:

(1) The title "References" on the corresponding page should be centered but NOT bolded. This follows the example on the Diana Hacker website.

(2) You do NOT need to have a separate section titled "Body" or "Results" in your literature review. Aside from the Introduction and Conclusion, your headings should be the main ideas of your synthesis matrix. (These headings should be centered and bolded.)

(3) Lastly, be sure to check the APA rules for referring to authors in your text. For example, if an article is written by 2 authors, you always refer to BOTH authors (i.e. Smith and Jones). If an article has 3-5 authors, you must refer to all of the authors the first time (i.e. Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith) but every time after the first, you need only use the lead author (i.e. Eccleston et al.). If an article has 6 or more authors, the authors are always referred to as the lead author et al (i.e. Noble et al.).

The phrase "et al" is Latin for "and others" and should only be used in instances where there are 3 or more authors.

Also--remember to avoid the construction of "the articles argue..." On the one hand, this is not possible; the author does the arguing, not the article. On the other hand, remember that the literature review is a conversation or dialogue. The emphasis should be on the authors.

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